Time for innovation – Membership model

Time for innovation – Membership model

There are so many new clothes in circulation and so many that still go to landfill. Recent statistics suggest 1% goes for reuse, x to landfill and x to recycling[IE1]

That’s why have been looking at alternative ways for us to use clothing and we have sort inspiration from existing services from the fashion industry and other sectors.

So, let me introduce our membership model. An annual fee paid for access to a set number of garments. The fee varies depending on what and how many garments you take.

The benefits mean you can exchange clothes as your children grow and have access to a wide range of styles and colours without having an excessive nor expensive wardrobe. And, know that the garments are quality, maintained and at end of life are managed with the environment put first.

Our trial with 8 families has been really positive. This trial has focused on school uniform but all the data collected helps us to build the case for offering this type of membership for other types of clothing.

Want to hear more? Please get in touch with Izzie at izzie@apparelxchange.co.uk

But what is really important about this new way of accessing clothing, is that it;

- helps to manage the clothing we use better

- reduces how much we use

- extends the life of the clothing

- ensures the end of life for clothing means it doesn’t go into the bin

and all of this means we reduce the demand for new clothes and reduce the impact on our beautiful planet.

Happy times ahead.

Love the team

[IE1]get stats

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