Second Hand September

Second Hand September

This week we have focused on a topic that is very close to our brand ethos – #SecondhandSeptember. This campaign has been set up by #Oxfam, to encourage consumers to refrain from buying any new clothing for the full 30 days of September. This is in a bid to dramatically lower the volume of textile waste entering landfill sites, weekly, which currently stands at a shocking 11 million ITEMS.

We all know we are guilty of becoming caught up in the idea of new clothing and fast fashion, BUT now it’s time for a conscious effort for all to change - before it’s too late.

Why not start to shift your buying habits by taking part in the rest of #SecondHandSeptember and include your friends and family too?

You can sign up on their website via you can simply start by making a sincere conscious effort to where you shop for clothing. Here are our top 4 tips below on how to become a more conscious consumer of clothing!

1. Shop in second hand, preloved or charity stores. Right now, these places are bursting at the seams and are full of real gems! Most high streets have loads of charity shops. However, the West End of Glasgow, we always manage to pick up serious bargains in this affluent area of town. These stores include us, as the first preloved school clothing store. We now stock casual wear for both girls and boys. Come on down and have a look at what we have to offer.

2. Ebay, Etsy or online market places including Depop. These platforms can be used to buy or sell your unwanted clothing. You can make some serious money if you’re a savvy seller while hooking potential buyers up with some new threads! Win win situation over there. And don’t forget we have our own on-line shop at

3. Shop Vintage stores – With so many dotted around the city centre, southside and west end there’s something for everyone, with high-end brands right through to your everyday staple pieces. Be sure to look these up on google maps before heading out on your tour of Glasgow vintage as not to miss any out!

4. Swap with your friends and family or attend organised swap shop events! This is a great way to save some money. Have a clear out, decide what you don’t need and head on down to swap out the old and in with the “new”. There are many monthly swaps held all over Glasgow make sure to check these out!

Are you already taking part? Let us know what you’ve found in and around Glasgow!

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