International Women's Day 2024

International Women's Day 2024

Its time to celebrate all the amazing women at ApparelXchange!

Here are some fabulous photos of the women in our organisation plus a special guest Leanne McGuire from Glasgow City Parents Group who has been an outstanding friend and support to the organisation since we started up. 

Not forgetting all our fabulous volunteers - Samya, Fiona, Alison, Zuzana, Itunu, Amy, Marianna and Rhian. 

We asked the team for a quote about working with women and this is what they said;

Leanne, “the cost of living crisis has hit many women more severely, particularly when they have sole caring responsibilities. ApparelXchange's team of incredible women, many of whom are parents themselves, empathise with the struggles families endure. It's a joy to collaborate with these inspiring women who share a common goal – alleviating the financial strains on families while championing the cause of sustainable fashion. Join us in celebrating the resilience, strength, and unity of women worldwide this International Women's Day. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more compassionate future.”


Sonja, “working as a Digital Sales & Stock Manager at AXC has given me an opportunity to work with some of the most amazing women I have met! Sustainable and social development motivates me greatly in life, and this Women's Day, like every day, I'm raising a toast to all the women out there who inspire me to keep pushing for positive change in the world of fashion. Cheers to us and to a more sustainable future!”

Amy, “I am motivated by adventure and connection- with nature, the universe, others, and myself. I enjoy working with ApparelXchange because of the inspiring team on board, and the hands on help we strive to provide for communities and the environment.  It’s making a difference in real time.”

Lucie, “I am a mother to a lovely 8 year old boy and amongst many things also an artist and designer working with textile waste, reflexologist and yoga enthusiast. Working for ApparelXchange aligns with  my personal values, I love serving our local community, helping to spread the message about textiles waste and providing people with affordable clothing that doesn’t cost our planet.”

Claire, “Motivation personally as a feminist is around fairness and equality, this extends to fair and equal access to resources and clothing. I absolutely love the social mission at Apparelxchange, providing packages to those who are experiencing challenge. As a mother of three boys I wholeheartedly believe we should share resources and reuse where possible.”

Jen, “The women I work with - they paint, they create, they craft, they nurture, they build, they teach and they learn. They take nothing for granted, overcome obstacles and build each other up. I grow because of them and together we keep moving. (They even help write statements for International Women’s Day).”


Claudia, “I’m blessed to have been inspired by so many interesting and authentic women. One of them being my Mum! Someone who really took a lot of pride in her community and gathered strength from her surroundings. I too feel empowered and nurtured by the amazing women I work with everyday.”


Bryony, “All women are different, but collectively we often bring a special combination of insight, empathy, patience and strength. I'm constantly inspired by the achievements and the generosity of the women I work with.”


Izzie, “Women bring a vital quality to the contemporary world of work and enterprise. Our society and planet is changing and the old ways of the economy and commerce are no longer effective. We have a collective responsibility to all people and planet  earth which requires dimensions of love, compassion and commitment to equality of outcomes whoever you are. ApparelXchange’s success is all about the great women and some great men too.”




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