Donation Nation

Donation Nation

Recent statistics (WRAP 2020) say that one third of UK people already donate to charity shops. This is an encouraging statistic. But what are the rest of us doing with our clothing, furniture or bric-a-brac??

Donating school aged kids clothing to social enterprises like ApparelXchange is critical to our work.

Donating means avoiding really valuable clothing and resources heading to landfill and enables us to provide low cost and low carbon alternatives to new clothes.

But most importantly, we support families and young people by providing packages of uniform and casual wear through our referral service. There is a growing demand for this service as the impact of COVID-19 hits people who are working reduced hours or lose their jobs. Plus there is growing evidence of an increasing number of families living below the poverty line here in Glasgow and other parts of Scotland and the UK.

Sadly since lockdown restrictions came into place we have been unable to work with schools or accept donations or support families.

Positively, we have been working out how to get back to work safely and are able to collect donations from your house.

So, if you have school aged children's clothing, footwear, jackets or accessories please donate to us. Wash, fold and bag them up and we will collect from your door.

If you don't live in Glasgow, we are happy to pay for DPD drop off if you can box up and send our way.

For donations, please send me an email to find out more

Thanks so much for your support


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