Donation drive for all types of clothes

Donation drive for all types of clothes

ApparelXchange originally focused on school uniform for school aged children, but it became apparent early in 2019, that we needed to diversify.

There were several reasons for this;

- We were receiving donations of jackets, bags and footwear, all gratefully received.

- Our customers were asking for other casual, party and sportswear and when we had some they loved it.

- We realised that school uniform is quite a seasonal purchase. So we needed think about what we offered while you didn’t need uniform top ups and the rest

- We know that other charity shops have small ranges of childrens’ clothing and so this was not great for choice and so if you were looking you had to go to lots of charity shops to possibly find what you wanted.

- There isn’t a dedicated school aged children’s store, so we felt we have a niche and complement others like Merry Go Round and Swaddle

- And finally we know that lots of these clothes continue to reach landfill or go to export markets when there is a demand in Scotland.

So… what next?

We need your help. We are looking for donations of these garments, you can drop these off at our St Enoch store, or if you can’t make it into Glasgow we would happily collect donations. We have two drop off points; TheBraw Wee Emporium Glasgow (Creative East End. ) and Isabella’s Wardrobe (Glasgows West End, ).

Thanks so much for your support – we can’t do this without you!

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