As the Christmas Crazy season begins, it was good to have an email from cradletocradlecom today explaining what they are about. The subject (edited for brevity) is below. Our founder (Izzie) has already talked about just this, at length and our drive to keep high quality, lightly worn school uniform out of landfill.

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute 

Welcome to the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s community of practice.

The world doesn’t have a pollution problem. The world has a design problem. We’re remaking the way we make things, contributing to the next Industrial Revolution that’s already underway.

There’s great power in simply saying YES — YES to making, and buying, products that are more good for the world rather than less bad. YES to honoring one’s personal values — and to not leaving them behind when you enter your place of work or step to the register. YES to a world in which people contribute as positively to the world as any other resident species.

The global issues before us are daunting. Modern manufacturing is mind boggling in its complexity. It’s easy for any one of us to feel ignorant and helpless. For any one of us to hide our heads in the sand. 

But together we are already making a difference, and we measure that progress every day, company by company, product by product, Cradle to Cradle certification by certification.

Here’s how you can begin to drive change:


Pleases sign up if you're interested - and don't forget we have our new shiny unit open at 47 Haggs Road. Please message for opening hours.

Nicola (Henderson)

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