Communion & Bridesmaids dresses - Thoughtful outfits for a special day.

Communion & Bridesmaids dresses - Thoughtful outfits for a special day.

Communions will be happening in communities across Scotland over the next few months, a hugely important milestone for many young people within the Catholic faith.

However, special dresses, head pieces, shoes and suits for the ceremony can be expensive when bought new.

As you can imagine, these outfits are worn for the occasion once, and maybe passed onto a family or friend for another time which is perfect reuse. However, we know there are more out there which don’t get the opportunity to be worn again.

Similarly to communions, a dream wedding may be a costly celebration to organise, so choosing a preloved dress for your little flower girls or young bridesmaids will help you to keep costs down.

So, to help reduce the cost and avoid more planetary impact, we have gathered a small collection of pre-worn and nearly perfect dresses, shoes, suits and and accessories.

They are available on our online shop, and prices range from £10 to £40 depending on design and brand.

Since, they are worn for single occasion, we are also offering a partial refund, if they are returned back to us within 30 days. This is a brand new and exciting way of accessing the garment if you don’t want to keep it.

Check out our full collection of communion and bridesmaids dresses here.

In 2022, Glasgow primary school communities have helped appeal for outfits which are no longer wanted, including St Michaels, St Denis’, Our Lady of the Rosary and St Brigid’s.

And for families, who are unable to afford an outfit, they can get in touch with us directly to borrow one for free.

If you have an old dress that you are looking to pass on, please keep us in mind and get in touch to donate! Just drop us an email to;

Finally, congratulations to all the young people who will be going through their communion this year.

The team x

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