Circular Economy - Membership model

Circular Economy - Membership model

From the very beginning ApparelXchange has wanted to innovate and change the way we use clothes has been at the core of our ambitions.

We have always been committed to extending the useful life of clothing through reuse and find a new way for people to use clothing as they need it rather than having excessive wardrobes.

We focused on young people because they grow so fast, have a huge and changing need for clothing, but grow out of clothing and so this becomes surplus.

Our grand plan was to develop our own clothing range from low carbon materials which can be closed loop recycled, with an ethical supply chain and on a subscription basis.

But as soon as we started to become operational, we realised that there is so much product in circulation we didn't want to add to that issue - plus the added issue of the very competitive clothing market.

So, we re worked our idea, focusing on clothing already within our communities and looking at ways for people to gain access by paying on an annual basis for access to clothing they needed.

We have run a trial with 8 families focusing on school uniform and now we are ready to reach out to more of you, to see if you would be interested in this too.

Please help us, gain more customer insights and if you have 10 mins then complete this survey and share with family and friends.

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