#blackfriday OR #greenfriday

#blackfriday OR #greenfriday

We are all embroiled in fast fashion whether we're aware of it or not. Our heads are turned by bargains on facebook advertising and stuff that looks cool but - actually - do we need them? Oh - a top for a tenner - isn't that great?

How much did it actually cost? Where did it come from? How much packaging did it come in? How often will you wear it and what's the impact on the environment when you wash it?

It's not a bargain unless you need it. School uniform is necessary and kids grow like weeds, right? But rarely does the uniform they've grown out of need to go in the bin.

Keep it out of landfill. Donate good quality, grown out of clothes and buy new ones in bigger sizes.

Come along to the shop at 47 Haggs Road from 10 -5 today (Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th) - get a bargain from a cash money point of view and an environmental one as well.

You're welcome :)

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