Bungo in the Back Lanes

Bungo in the Back Lanes

Last Saturday we were at Bungo in the Back Lanes! The yearly pop up market, full of wonderful little finds. This year our volunteers Fiona and Cassandra were there to set up and sell all of our pre-loved gems to the public. These type of summer pop-ups in the sun are our absolute favourite, and we’re sure they are yours too! It might not have officially been “TAPS AFF” but it really does make a change from our usual miserable rainy weather.

Our table was packed with lots of school and non-school uniform for sale starting at £3.00 each and our P1 Starter Pack discount was available to use the day too. Natures very own shop fittings (trees) were full of hanging summer school dresses and rain coats both girls and boys.

We were so happy to have been invited along to the market and met so many lovely people interested in living a sustainable circular economist life style. This was including a few south side ‘celebs’ from the tele!

If you haven’t been before then you’re missing out. We highly recommend you check this out next year as we will definitely be returning then too!

Let us know in the comments below your best bits from Bungo in the Back Lanes.

Thanks to everyone who bought from us!


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