We have come a long way - A little bit of history

It wasn't too long ago (March 2018) , since we started out in a shared space with G41 Art Space in Shawlands. Our vision hasn't really changed so have a watch of this video and let me know what you think...

It was made to secure investment funds. We weren't successful with the investment, but what's of more value is how far we have come on that journey and what we have learnt along the way.

One particular aspect has been the our early adopters, who have understood what we are trying to achieve and have supported us from the outset.

This video captures some of those people; Jane Arthur and Alison Guthrie from Pirie Park Primary and Paul Meehan from Langside Primary.

Suffice to say the model has change a little bit since then and we have most definitely grown.

Have a look at our St Enoch shop above for a video below to see the difference.

Thanks to everyone for believing. Our mission to tackle the impact of clothing continues.

Izzie and the team x.

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